Hoxna is a truly ground-breaking and ambitious new project which links virtual and physical real estate through a common currency and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Through Hoxna, banks will be able to confidently finance NFT-based mortgages, and digital creators will be able to develop new products and services that easily and successfully integrate property and cryptocurrencies. Banks can build their own connector to the Hoxna engine, or connect through solutions offered by Hoxna. Either way, by connecting, financial organisations will be able to provide mortgages into the hybrid physical/virtual space - the Metaverse - for the first time, and thus mine more contextually-relevant property data.

Hoxna’s decentralised crypto exchange will facilitate the trading of digital assets in seconds, with minimal fees and instant transaction confirmation. The exchange also allows for updating NFTs across selected chains, or simply leaving a reference to the main chain.

For developers, an Unreal Engine connector will be available, allowing Hoxna services to be available across any metaverse or virtual world.

Unlike similar projects, virtual property in Hoxna can be cross-linked in terms of ownership. Whatever you own in the physical world can be claimed and owned in the virtual. You will even be able to rent out your virtual properties.

Hoxna will be fully open source.

We are actively seeking contributors. For further information and to get involved, visit hoxna.io.

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